every family matters

"We can help prevent a disaster from becoming a catastrophe. Every family that we can resettle is one step closer to a resolution."

as a community...

...we can come together to support the efforts to resettle a Syrian family in the Orillia area.  Mariposans For Refugees (M4R) is community group facilitating the sponsorship of a family in crisis.Help us provide a home to a family in need, while enriching our lives and our community

This crisis...

As Syria enters it’s fifth year of civil war, there are currently over 12 million people homeless (half the country’s population). Over 4 million are displaced outside the country, with little hope of returning safely. It is estimated that as of May 2015, 7.6 million people were internally displaced in Syria  (According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). Half of those uprooted and now living in appalling conditions are children.

Sponsorship and international resettlement offer hope to those vulnerable, and ease the burden on other host countries in the region in anticipation that international pressure incites positive change. 

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